Time at Sea

After completing the SIU’s apprenticeship program what type of ship would offer me the most time at sea? I am looking for 90 days or more at a time. Matter of fact for the first year or so I would be happy living at sea full time now that I am divorced.

When I was a deckhand on the river I ran 90/14 for the better part of 2 years by choice and now as a truck driver I am away from home four months at a time with maybe a week at home in between.


MSC sailors are out 4-10 months straight- people either love it or hate it.

If you’re going through to be an AB you’ll probably have to sail as an OS for a while- they want unlimited AB.

What are your thought about the program at Piney Point?


From what I have read here and on their website the Paul Hall program looks like it will meet my needs. Things may change in the future since I am still researching everything.

I would love to go the MSC route, but I have a huge debt riding on my shoulders which might prohibit me from being hired. I almost lost my secret security clearance from the army because of debt so I wouldn’t think they would be any different.


Does NOAA have the same thing? I was told they are out 240 days out of the year…