This ought to make your blood boil

We can pump plenty of oil in the good ole USA. Screw OPEC. and the brokers in USA for propping the price up.


yup, we WERE oil independent … now opec pumps enough to regulate their income, I doubt they pay much attention to anyones wishes … and who knows what usa says to them, I doubt Biden has much say in what’s going on.

I became throughly disgusted with the happening from Washington DC years ago. If I continued to give them the authority to make my blood boil I would have completely evaporated to a gas long ago. We have absolutely no influence or control over the madness that comes from that place. It’s better to wash your hands of it & think small. That place is screwed, maybe our whole nation but by thinking & planning small I know I’m not. Screw 'em.


Pebble, Not gonna happen, but a cold beer together would be a rather spirited conversation.

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It wouldn’t be a spirited conversation about politics, I don’t squander beer drinking time talking politics.


Nor do I .A waste of time.

Restrict U.S. drilling/ GOM exploration but then ask saudi Arabia to pump more oil into the world? This makes no sense.

Let’s lobby OPEC to restrict Oil outflows so the US can restart our own economy’s energy sector.