This is Singapore

Then Nomination Day is over and ALL 93 seats in Parliament are being contested.
In all, 192 candidates from 11 parties will contest the 13th General Election since independence:

Nomination Day will be followed by 9 days of intensive campaigning, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions are in place. There will be no lager rallies, like normal.

It is also to be held in a civilised manner:

Some may say, this is not Democracy, but what is so “democratic” about mud slinging, backbiting and lying that is the norm in many other “democratic countries”??

The 4th day of campaigning has come to a close without any major incidents, or without any personal insults having been traded.
How is that possible!!!

Then we have reach the “Cooling off day” after 9 days of hectic canvassing for votes by all 11 contesting parties:

Voting will be on Friday, 10. July and the result known shortly after the voting booth close.