The Southwestern / Sydvest / Sou'wester

Kristian Krogh is a genius! I love his paintings!

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Scuppers the Sailor Dog

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It’s a southwestern! Fuck everything else!

Sorry about the thread steal.

Winslow Homer - Eight Bells


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The original

It’s a Sea Sami. Part of my ancestry.

Hard as nails!

Winslow Homer - The Fog Warning


Søkke d va ei feit kveita!

Damn that was a fat halibut!

Perfect size, Lovely.

The way Homer paints the sea amazes me, in the Fog Warning you can see wind just shifted.

Thank you! Never knew about Winslow Homer, impressive painter.

Hard times, to be a successful fisherman you had to read the sea as your back pocket. One storm in the 19th hundreds 300 fisherman died outside my home island. Imagine those loses today!

It’s “sou’wester”

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Sydvest! In the language of the blest.

Sydvest used by Norwegians and others has been made in Aalesund since the 1800’s by a company called Aalesund Oljeklaedefabrikk a/s:

It is still in operation, although with new owners, management and logo since the 1980’s:

Their Sydvest is now a fashion statement:

And their market is worldwide, incl. Canada: