The seafaring profession is dangerous

As the heading say it is dangerous to work on ships and in other maritime professions:
But then you probably knew that.

The sun is kind of hot, too.

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I can’t breathe under water, either.


Safer than riding a motorcycle


Doesn’t stop me from owning two of them. Or shipping out for that matter. :grinning:


Arduous duty to go from the rack and walk to the office. Many trip hazards vs. sitting in the Tesla on autopilot doing the beltway listening to the Joe Rogan Experience while browsing ladies on Instagram.

One of the best lines I ever heard regarding the ocean:

“Once you walk in past your ankles, you are no longer engaged in recreation…you have simply entered the food chain.”

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“The ocean is very deep there”

But anything over 6 feet is enough to drown in for me…10 or 1000000, does it matter?

When I was sailing AB a shipmate told me never let my ass get wet.

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