The really bad FOCs

Some comments on “the dark fleet” and the people that operate the ships:

Yes here is one “older tanker man” that known about the so called “Greek bend”.

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Gabon is gaining popularity fast:

The Pablo is now nearing the end: Dark fleet casualty Pablo to be scrapped in Indonesia - Splash247

But it is not all “gloom and doom”, Here is this years ICS report. (Download from here):

Source: ICS publishes highly anticipated Flag State Performance Table | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

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Two top contenders for the title. (The third may be coming):

PS> That doesn’t mean that ALL FOCs are the same, nor that ALL open registers are FOCs.
Here is the ITF list of FOCs:

You’ll find several of the FOCs list above on the Paris MoUs White List:

These are not Flags of Convenience … they are not Flags at all.

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Belize must have improved their game to make the grey list

Belize is not counted among the “really bad FOCs”, otherwise it would have attracted “dork fleet” operators…

Here is some news about those who are operating those tankers, their “flag of choice” and their “little helpers”:

I can recall a time when Belize had no documentation at all . Just the flag.

Not only crude tankers, could there become a “LNG dark fleet” as well?: