The Queen's Gambit

Has anyone watched this show? Anyone playing chess?

Just finished it. I suck at chess. Great show though.


Watched the first few episodes. We liked it & plan to watch the rest. Kids now have a chest board wrapped under the tree.


I can recommend and their kid friendly Chesskids. I’ve started playing and I’ve learned a little about learning.

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What more can you want in a show, chess and tranquilizers.


Great show! Really enjoyed it.

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When I was cadet I played the First at chess. He was an eastern European, well practiced at the game all his life and played very competently. I knew how the pieces moved and nothing about strategy but bumblefucked my way through the first half of the game and ended up being so bad that I confounded all his very competent attempts to gain an advantage. I had wrecked him by shit luck, had evaded all his traps and ‘expertly’ caused his demise. He was kind of a gullible fellow so he didn’t catch on but I knew better than to ever play him again.

Got away with that one.


“I’m sorry, but you’re not really at my level” :rofl:

Reminds me of when the kids were younger they got a chess playing computer for Christmas. They discovered it was devilishly hard to beat at level one. If it could capture a piece it would even if it meant trading a piece of higher value. The kids must of played a dozen games before they beat it.

My uncle at the farm used to play the next door neighbor at the kitchen table. Had a few books about chess on the bookshelf. So when we went to visit the kids brought the computer with them.

This is similar to the one the kids had.

I recall it was named Igor because my uncle played a game and lost. He named it Igor the Idiot and refused to play a second game.

I played when I was much younger and haven’t for years. In all honestly I wouldn’t even say I was good at it. One game sticks in my mind where at some point towards the end I suddenly saw all the moves in my head several steps ahead and how the game would play out. If I moved here, he would counter, piece taken, counter…until checkmate. I thought it was surreal and don’t recall it happening again like that.

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Same here except I was good against people at my level or those a level or two higher. Less than a year later I completely gave it up like I had never played at all. A month after quitting I could articulate why I lost interest. I have zero competitive spirit. It was fun concentrating on it & definitely was a challenge but I didn’t really care if I won or not? I was an introvert & didn’t play any sports. I really didn’t care enough to spend a hour trying to win a board game anymore.

We watched episodes 6 last night & will probably finish the last episode this evening. Good show that goes over the problems that have plagued humanity since the beginning. It’s like the zombie drama series that have the zombies in the back drop, just a part of a bigger story. I recommend the series. Also, I’m really excited to see what the youngins think about chess & see if they have the spirit to get good or not.

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I played obsessively for about two years. I had to quit. What you experienced one time is very real. I started living as if in a game, planning moves ahead, considering counter moves etc. That isn’t healthy. I got to class A and gave it up. It can be addictive.

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That was me. I learned how to move the pieces when I was 10, but never had any structure to my game. Now I’m learning the fundamentals and getting results.

Loved the TV series and the book by Walter Tevis is even better. I’ve read it three times!

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