The Navy may not buy any more Ford-class supercarriers, acting Navy secretary says

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Dunno whether to laugh or cry.

Gee I wonder why

I don’t think we’re planning any more Zumwalts either. I guess Zumwalts and Fords weren’t “transformational” enough for us.

If we took away those lads’ PowerPoints maybe they’d get back to designing ships instead of philosophical statements.


I guess they could try out the Chevy Class.


CORRECT. ZUMWALTS were capped at three. USS ZUMWALT (DDG1000), USS Michael Monsoor (DDG1001) and USS LYNDON B. JOHNSON (DDG1002).

Still plans to build three more:

The USS Gerald R. Ford, the first of the new class of flattops, is going through postdelivery tests and trials. The USS John F. Kennedy is 70% complete. Construction has started on the USS Enterprise, and material is reportedly being procured for the USS Doris Miller.

The last vessel is expected to be delivered in 2032.

Yeh. Zumwalts were built with guns that only fire special ammo type that was cancelled due to cost overrruns so now the guns on all 3 are useless…makes you wanna cry.

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And Ford still doesn’t work and Navy appears to think tolerances on elevators are so tight that they wouldn’t survive shock from battle, soooooo yeh what is this thing good for exactly? Also makes you wanna cry.


And the final insult is that the two LCS types are such trash that further production is being cancelled to just go back to building frigates. :disappointed_relieved:

Real frigates or glorified LCSs?

It might just be me but the industrial base and acquisition process for building our navy ships seems so bloated, inefficient and inept that I don’t know if we can even build a viable warship anymore?

The GAO did a report about that in June 2018

  • Navy Shipbuilding
    Past Performance Provides Valuable Lessons for Future Investments