The Last American Sailors by Michael R. Rawlins

I recently read the book “The Last American Sailors: A Wild Ride in the Modern Merchant Marine” by Michael R. Rawlins. I picked it because it was a relatively new offering on the subject of the US Merchant Marine. I liked it, but I’ve never been to sea as a Merchant Mariner. I was curious what others thought of the book, particularly other Merchant Mariners?



I just read if here at work actually. It was interesting. I enjoyed the book very much. It was an interesting insight into the Union side of things from a few years ago. It’s different now, that’s for sure.

I’ll have to pick up a copy- I’ve seen it on Amazon.

The last book I read on the subject was Until The Sea Shall Free Them, by Robert Frump, about the SS MARINE ELECTRIC. I get preachy about safety anyway, and that book really got me in the gut. If but for the grace of God. We all owe so much to guys who had to die because someone else didn’t want to spend a buck and do the right thing. That’s the way of human nature, it seems. We have to do better!

Pretty good read, I have it on my iPad. For a boat trash puddle pirate like myself it is fun to read about how the big ships operate from a jaded perspective.

Where did you find an e-book copy? I can’t seem to locate one. Thanks.