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The firm has developed and patented a modular laminated wood concept that is as strong as steel and solves the challenge of transporting a very high steel-made tower, where costs increase with the height of the tower.

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Then some will say, "cutting down trees to make these wind mill towers will only make it worse. Forest absorbe CO2. No forest = more CO2 in the atmosphere.

PS> You can NEVER win with the ones that is looking for something wrong with everything.

You can’t win. They have been trying to build a test 5 tower wind farm in Lake Erie for years. It’s been fought tooth and nail. State finally approves it with the stipulation that it can’t run at night due to birds and bats. No longer economic. The State of Ohio also bans gas drilling in Lake Erie.

Enviro’s seem to think that birds and bats stop at border and don’t fly into the Ontario wall of wind turbines which run like the Maginot Line from the Falls to almost Georgian Bay. And don’t seem to know about the numerous Canadian wells in Lake Erie.

cutting and preserving wood assuming you replant actually might absorb more C02 than letting some size trees stand.
Years ago when they had the experiments on the people living in the bioshere, they had trouble controlling the environment but to control the Co2 they cut and replanted

But forests are complex and intricately adapted to the land they grow on. The tools for managing them, by contrast, are often simple and counterproductive, mandated by faraway bureaucrats—or by economic systems—that fail to account for the role of healthy ecosystems on the productive capacity of the land that the economy rests on.

Large areas of Maine were cleared for agriculture, around 1900 forest land accounted for something like 75% of Maine, today it’s close to 90% due to natural regenerations.

Some planting is done here for forest plantations but left alone the forest here in Maine will reclaim fields relatively quickly.


looks like they meant you can get it wrong by draining a peat swap and planting trees
dont get this part…

“Trees are about a quarter carbon, and as they grow (or burn) they bind (or release) about four times their weight in carbon dioxide.”
how about what they release in Oxygen?

What about it? They release oxygen while growing and bind it when burning.,

I wonder what the ratio is?

Wind energy is coming forward, and isn’t going away. Have no problem with that. Solar fields in North Carolina are already in place, but their construction is questionable holding up to the winds/floods that permeate the areas they have been installed in.

Two atoms of oxygen for every atom of carbon.