The economic benifits of marine transportation


I’m writing a graduation paper on the economic effects of marine transportation.

I need the opinions of professionals, the paper will be including deep water ports. LNG permits, oil drilling offshore, and of course shipping imports and exports, what are you alls opinions on this, and is there anything I should know from the people who do the job every day?

Thank you

over centuries it has been proven that moving cargo by water is the most cost efficient way and in most cases it is the only way. What is important is that protections to ensuring that US built, flagged and crewed vessels be used now and forever in the future to the domestic water transportation of that cargo be maintained. I am sure it can be moved for less with foreign ships and mariners but there would be a huge cost to the nation if that were to occur. I believe most of my brothers here will agree with that sentiment.

That is great! Exactly what I’m looking for, i elaborated on the jones act briefly But that is exactly what my paper is talking about! Thank you

Even though I disagree with C.Capt above on most things he’s right in this case.
The Jones Act helps keep Americans working on these ships in our waters and ports but it also helps the protect this country by keeping terrorist and whatnot off of most of our shipping traffic because will still have a lot of foreign vessels delivering and exporting things from our ports. I think you will find a million different things to write about on this paper. One thing you could do is ask for jobs in the industry. For example myself;

I have been in this industry for about 4 years. I live in Florida but work out of Port Fourchon is Louisiana for a liftboat company that does maintenance and decommissioning work on offshore oil platforms.
I work 14/14 and get paid by the day (12 hour watch) which is $340 daily plus insurance+++.
College graduate from the Hospitality industry. See there, I already did one for you. Being new to the USMM you will learn a lot about this field just from seeing what different kinds of jobs there are out there and how big of an industry this is

Great! That is perfect for what I’m writing about and I didn’t know that job existed but it’s an important one! Yes please everyone elaborate on the jobs you do and unique thins about you, plus educational background if you don’t mind!

I’ll put up a rough draft of my paper soon to see what yall think. Y’all’s thoughts an opinions are valuable

Don’t expect everyone to just blurt out the answers you wanna hear, first you have to think and then actually ask the questions.

This should point you in the right direction for ligitimate info you can properly quote and cite in your paper, google the stuff below and you should find plenty of real articles:

Nationally, the domestic maritime industry supports 478,440 jobs and a gross
economic output of $92.54 billion annually. Labor income nationally is $28.95
billion annually with a $9.98 billion tax impact. There are approximately 40,000
vessels in the American domestic fleet.
Economic information about the American domestic maritime industry for this paper is taken from
“Contributions of the Jones Act Shipping Industry to the U.S. Economy in 2011,” prepared by
PricewaterhouseCoopers for the Transportation Institute (January, 2014)(private study). Shipyard
information comes from “The Economic Importance of the U.S. Shipbuilding and Repairing Industry,”
prepared for the U.S. Maritime Administration (of the U.S. Department of Transportation) by
PricewaterhouseCoopers (May 30, 2013). Commodity shipping data comes from the Waterborne
Commerce Statistics Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, using 2011 data

"is there anything I should know from the people who do the job every day?"
"you have to think and then actually ask the questions."
I second that, you need to ask questions on a less broadscale.

Love that you’re doing this for your assignment, but what’s your thesis statement? What aspect of Marine Transportation are you looking to talk about? It sounds kind of all over the place.

Haha I’m actually surprised that he is already getting this many guy’s help…

My thesis is "marine transporation is an instrumental part of the economy in southeastern North Carolina,by adding jobs, export opportunities, and supporting many buisnesses, this is why North Carolina government needs to further support the marine transportation industry.

And I appreciate the help,

I think my questions are…

  1. type of job you have worked
    2)educational background
  2. economic benefit of your job
  3. why is this important to your local area

Also I appreciate it yall, having experiences makes the difference and I have yet to have my own so any knowledge that you can pass on really helps my paper and this is something I’m passionate about as are many of you