Texas Cold Snap

Well, I see that it was already answered. On one of my trips to Corpus in the last 12 years or so, I remember expecting to head down Navigation to get to the docks, only to be surprised that I couldn’t. . . .True story about that bridge. Back in my SEA SKIMMER days, we would load pretty regularly at the Koch docks, beyond the bridge. . . well, one trip, when I was home and my relief (with a pretty serious drinking problem) was in his cups, so to speak. He heard the siren from the bridge as they approached and passed under and panicked, calling the wheelhouse to tell them that he had to shut down (they were outbound with a full load of gasoline) because he was getting serious alarms. Thank God one of the Assistant Engineers was on his game, and took care of the situation. Another situation where I had to come back early from my time off. . . . . .


Up early for the cable guy. I remember “Sea Skimmer” well. That rig sure got around. Yes, Koch was one of our customers as well. Had a crew change in Corpus just before the big “Freeze” sat there for if I remember about 48-72 hours. Some of my talented crew contributed to the local economy, praying the bridge would stay stuck. Imagine the horror when it did finally operate.

Bad place to shut down. A bridge, a bend, and a full load of fireworks. I never question your “This is no shit” stories. Can verify quite a few of them. Always look forward to your posts. Been there, done that. Seems like Corpus was the most comical/serious events I have experienced. Such an easy channel, but hard at the same time due to “Unexpected events”.

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