Ten Essentials of Online Marketing in Shipping


A short message from our friends at shipserve:

I love the British TV programme, Dragon’s Den, where budding entrepeneurs (including a few from the maritime world such as the Waterbuoy) pitch their ideas to 5 successful business moguls in the hope of gaining investment.

A recent quote from one of those moguls got me thinking: “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity”. What he was trying to say was that generating sales is not enough, you have to do that profitably. And at the end of the day the mark of a successful business is one that makes a profit for its employees, shareholders or investors and NOT one that gets the sale at any cost.

So when it comes to generating sales, surely the shipping supplies industry should be looking at ways to lower the cost of sales and be more profitable in doing business? Have we really done all we can to take out costs in the sales and marketing process?

At ShipServ we’re convinced that the Internet can play a significant part in helping marine suppliers win more business and do it at higher margins. We know this because we’ve helped more than 27,000 marine suppliers generate new business with very minimal investment. To help you understand how this is achieved, we’ve produced an eBook, “Ten Essentials of Online Marketing in Shipping“.

Its a quick summary of the ten most important things you need to at least be exploring online today. If you’re new to Internet marketing, some of it may seem a bit daunting. If you’ve been doing some of these things for a while, you know that they’re actually incredibly powerful tools and surprisingly easy to learn.

We’ve made it as neutral and independent as we can – but hope you’ll forgive us the odd promotional moment (we just can’t help ourselves – we love this stuff).

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