Technical Terms with Intersting Orgins


Your narrow interpretation of the word dirling ignores important homonyms although you do get points for mentioning that it is also “An old Scottish word for a thrilling sensation or vibrating motion. Used to describe the feeling of being in love.”

In similar fashion, in a southern relationship, the word is commonly used as a substitute for foreplay.
A typical example might be: “Dirlin, git in the truck.”


They don’t call it southern charm for nothing. :blush:


POSH is mentioned, I believe in either Hemingway or more likely Rudyard Kipling. The term came about when the sun never set on the British Empire and the British ruled India. It was the india/Britian run the term originated.
Don’t believe everything you read on google search.


There was a collision between a tanker carrying Guinness and another vessel off the entrance to Liverpool. The case in the Admiralty Court set a legal precedent for limitation of liabilities and proceeding at an unsafe speed in reduced visibility.
I don’t think that some over enthusiastic inspection of the ullage played any part of the proceedings.
An acquaintance of mine was master of a tanker taking orange juice from Brazil to France but he preferred beer to tequila sunrises.


jus gold :slight_smile:


Don’t know if it is still there, but a while back there was a dedicated Bacardi wharfe in Southampton (UK, for those of you on the wrong side of the pond). Dedicated as in it was a bulk liquid wharf with all the pipework leading to huge tanks with the Bacardi logo on the side.

I am pretty certain they never let the cargo evaporate like the management of Bouchard.


Ive always wondered why the fascination with Monkeys … brass monkey, powder monkey, monkey fist, monkey sh…,


You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.


Do you know why Johnie Walker bottles are square?

So they will not roll off the chart table :grinning:


Why would you have an empty bottle on the chart table when you’ve got a full one in the drawer?