Tankerman Methonal

The vessel I work on the COI states that while pumping Methonal. That we need a tankerman and or a 500 ton Master. My company says we don’t need either that they are staffed on the platform. Can anyone quote the rule or point me to where the rule on this could be found. Thanks Captainnate444

does a tankerman come from the rig to your vessel and sign a DOI? Does he sign it as the PIC? For the Vessel or the rig? I would be willing to bet the DOI has a place for TWO signatures, one from the sender (your vessel) and one from the receiver (the rig.)

If you have a COI it is pretty clear what is required.

I would bet the rig has a designated PIC, and their duties would be ON the rig. There should be someone in the vessel too. But if you’re going to argue this, it may be your job.

Why not call the local CG and ask?

Hey thanks for the reply… this is exactly what I had figured. I was just wanting another opinion on the matter. Once again thanks and stay safe!