Tanker collision off China


On the SB side aft there is a square area of black paint. The temperature in that area was not that high as around that place. Would be interesting to see some heat map.
@tupsis the davit is still in upright position so lifeboat has not been launched


An internal tank that allowed some conductive cooling?


I don’t think this picture available on the Internet of the M/T Sanchi burning after the incident is true:
http://heiwaco.com/sanchi118.gif .
Calm weather. Starboard list. Trim on bow.
It is Fake News.


Also the hole at PS side in the middles is Square if it was an explosion it would be not so nice and square


That pic is an other vessel funnel is not correct. My guess reporter doesnt know what to look for so they take another picture of a simular accident but cant say which one


Thanks. But why use old pictures to report on a later incident?


A couple years ago gcaptain had an article written by a USCG expert about a fisherman that fell off a 40’ lobsterboat. The photo he provided was of an 80’ trawler. He didn’t know the difference.

It’s rare for news articles written about incidents to be more than 50% accurate.


Large crude oil spills may end up costing more lives ashore than on the stricken tanker if the spill devastates the environment by destroying fisheries, tourist industry etc. The nature may eventually recover (or not, depending on the location), but the people whose lifes were affected may not be there to see it. I don’t like comments where either side claims that the other side’s primary concern should be disregarded for one reason or another. Why can’t we look for the missing crew and fight the spill at the same time? It’s not like we can use the resources fully for only other cause.


The Iranian view of the event:


It’s behind a pay wall.


OK. Try this one:

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Du har inte alla hästar i hagen, Mr Heiwa :thinking::slightly_frowning_face:


Now one off India


This is from the Financial Times, evidently the Sanchi had not been transmitting AIS, that would explain why they’ve not been posted somewhere.

Yet vessel tracking services say the Sanchi was last spotted almost 24 hours prior, off Taiwan’s coast. After this point the tanker’s automatic identification system (AIS) did not appear to submit information.


Are there AIS coverage (other than by Satellite) in the East China Sea?
Both the Sanchi and CF Crystal appears to have disappeared from publicly available tracking once away from Taiwan and Korea respectively. (Or at least I’m not able to find either)


The AIS track for the CF Crystal was posted in post #32. The FT reports that the Sanchi evidently stopped transmitting about 24 hrs prior to the collision.


Chinese rescuers Saturday also recovered the tanker’s “black box”, the
transport ministry said without specifying exactly what had been

If they have it has any mention been made on whether it is being processed to produce transcript or data?

These stories had photos I had not seen before. Which look like hey were taken earlier in the fire.




From the Google translation of the Chinese text it appears that the track shown for the CF Crystal (green) is projected from the last know position off Korea and the red line is for another tanker (VL Pioneer) that was bound for the same port in Korea as the Sanchi a day or so earlier.

Here is what may be the explanation why there are no public record of either ships (Also G.T. from same source):

PS> With a bit of good will it is possible to understand the meaning.

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True, they were just guys out making a living and got caught up in a disaster. The world as a whole could not care less. The only concern for most people is a delayed shipment.
Their families, the mothers, fathers, wives and children will miss them but that’s about it. Been that way since ships put to sea.