Talk about expensive fuel

Can you imagine the mentality that exists in the USN today? How touchie, feelie it must be? At this moment, the miserable ghost of Bull Halsey is somewhere wailing at what it has become!

What ever happened to a Navy of hundreds of big armored steel ships bristling with heavy caliber guns, filled with real fighting seamen & which burned unbelievable quantities of heavy black oil!

I want to be sick at the thought of the new new-Navy…

btw…I think Halsey’s scowl is awesome. When I grow up I hope to have one just like his!



Another problem with biofuel - petrol or diesel - is the increase in solvency over conventional fuels. Critical assets need to be cautious before converting. Any sludge sittlng at the bottom of the tank will resuspend and foul fuel filters. If tanks are clean - no problem.

I’m sure our navy is aware of this and taking appropriate action.

You are putting way too much faith in the USN…


That is probably pretty cheap compared to what the taxpayer is paying now for fuel that is guarded by USN ships in the Persian Gulf, military assets in Saudi and Kuwait and all the other little scams that are going on to ensure that the oil companies maintain their profit margins.

It might seem ridiculous to pay $26 a gallon but the Navy knows what the other stuff really costs and it won’t get any cheaper.

Yep, 'Bout a hundred bucks a gallon, delivered… (2012-Iraq)