Survey of the USS Emmons, Lost at Okinawa in WWII

Assessment and Significance of a World War II battle site: recording the USS Emmons using a High‐Resolution DEM combining Multibeam Bathymetry and SfM Photogrammetry

Fascinating stuff.



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Thanks for that. My father joined the Navy in 1936 and served through 7 years of WW II . The Battle of the River Plate, Arctic and Atlantic convoys and finally Okinawa. My mother was delighted when VJ Day came about and the risk of being a war widow with one child receded.

Yes, indeed - thank you, Earl! A very interesting study, and fascinating details. My only quibble is that the authors should have understood that “battleship” is not the same as “warship” :slight_smile:
One can only hope the USS Emmons won’t be the next contribution to a Malaysian/Chinese scrapyard.