Survey "National culture as an influencing factor on the workplace on board”

I am currently working on the dissertation for my MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management at Leicester University. As a former seafarer I choose a topic that I care about. An important part of the dissertation will be based on data that I intend to collect via an online survey.

My research project is titled: “National culture as an influencing factor on the workplace on board” and aims at identifying benefits and risks that exist on board due to the national culture of seafarers.
If you are a seafarer sailing on board merchant vessels, I would appreciate if you would participate in the survey (and share the link). If you are not an active seafarer you may still assist by forwarding the link to the questionnaire to persons who are sailing in any position on board merchant vessels.
The survey is designed to work with low bandwidth connections and does not demand high speed internet. It should take about 10 min. to complete the survey.

The research utilises among other models the Values Survey Module by Hofstede and the Brief- NOSACQ safety climate assessment tool in order to obtain a valid dataset for the analysis. If someone is interested in more details feel free to get in touch with me. Once the research is done I will of course share any interesting findings with you.

Many thanks for your assistance
Carl Philipp Wrede

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Thanks for participating.