Superyacht Olivia O

The Ulstein Verft built yacht Olivia O, was delivered to an unnamed customer last year.
Now the yacht lay moored in the picturesque Italian port city of La Spezia. Espen Øino, who was heavily involved in the design process recently visited the ship and had a good look around with the mystery Owner:
It is important to get out and see the boats that have worked a lot with. Olivia O is a quality boat built at Ulstein Verft, and the customer is very happy with the result. There is no doubt about it, I was told again during the lunch with the person on board the boat this week, says Øino.

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Why would you want a yacht that you can’t look down at the bikini clad ladies on the bow sunbathing?

Because they take them off in your stateroom.

And bow riding is a tiny boat thing anyway. There is far more room for sunbathing on several other decks aft of the wheelhouse.

No regard for the poor shmuck driving the boat.

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Was just thinking the same thing

Perhaps they are decent wheelman and share throughout the watch during daylight “Observations”

The bikini wearers don’t spend much time on deck when the boat is underway which is not its normal operation anyway. They come out at anchor which is where the boat spends most of its life except when docked with no one but crew onboard. The poor schmuck driving doesn’t drive much or often and when he or she is driving there are rarely if ever any bow ornaments to look at.

This guy gets it!

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Look aft sir, underway or not.