Super Typhoon Meranti Monday Update

Super Typhoon Meranti has deepened rapidly over the past 24 hours and now has peak winds of 155 knots with gusts to 190 knots… Read more

Super Typhoon Meranti Tuesday update:
Meranti Tuesday Update
Sept 13th 1800UTZ: Max wind 165 knots, Radius of hurricane force winds 50 NM southwest and 70 NM northeast. Movement 290 degrees at 9 knots. Max significant wave height: 48 feet (14.6 meters).
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Thanks for the great updates fredwx. This one is a big one. Meranti grew from a Category 1 equivalent storm to that of a top-scale Category 5 in a very short time.

Here are some photos, that are starting to come in.

[B][U]MERANTI devastated Kaohsiung Port[/U][/B]

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