SUNY Maritime Prof is TV expert for Costa Concordia news special

Saw this on the SUMY Maritime website

The Discovery channel is going to run a special on the righting of the Concordia. Dick Burke, the head of engineering at SUNY Maritime, is the expert on the show, explaining what’s going on. He went over there with the Discovery Channel for the righting.

Here’s the link to the the announcement.

]That’s nice but MMA beat you by a year and a half:

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;120597]]That’s nice but MMA beat you by a year and a half:[/QUOTE]

I think its safe to say every maritime academy had its phones ringing off the hook. A couple of professors from [the better] MMA made it into a New York Times article about the incident the very next day. We all have prestigious faculty who are all respected around the industry and all of our schools make it into the limelight every time there is some sort of marine incident. In that respect no one school is better than the others.

Anyone can be a Tuesday morning quarterback and give you their ‘professional’ opinion as to what happened and why… but they call in the real professionals when they want live feedback during an event!

Dr. Richard Burke, the John Madden of parbuckling.

That and a few SUNYMC professors and some of the other schools, were interviewed by Fox News, CNN, and NPR back when it happened.

The faculty from all the schools do a good job when the media makes their rounds after an incident.