SUNY Maritime Ghost Ships?

The Google maps crowd at metafilter is puzzled by an apparent “ghost ship” that has shown itself hovering over Fort Schuyler’s Pier.

Here’s the post: [SUNY Maritime Ghost Ships?

The map in question can be found [URL=,-73.795064&spn=0.003301,0.005391&t=k&om=1" target="_blank]HERE.

[URL=,-73.795064&spn=0.003301,0.005391&t=k&om=1" target="_blank]
<img alt=“Bronx ghost ship on google maps / earth” width=“500px” src=“"/>](" target=”_blank)

Can any Schuyler guys help with their dilemma?

Some more google map goodness, building a new waterfront off of Dubai:

[img]" border=“0” alt=“Dredge off dubai, google maps” width=“500” />

[img]" border=“0” alt=“Dredge off of dubai” width=“500” />

And a cruise ship capsized off of pusan korea: LINK [STORY](" title="google maps - cruise ship off korea)

It appears that the image has been fixed, as it looks normal to me. It appears that the image was taken during either sea term or when the the Empire State was at the shipyards. That is the USNS Stalwart or SUNY Maritime at the pier.