Submarine Cable Damage around the Red Sea

Looking to hear people’s thoughts on the recent submarine cable damage that has occured in the Red Sea which is widely being attributed to the Houthi rebels – is this coincidence or is there some element of truth? Some context below:

  • TechPointAfrica reports Seacom is facing subsea cable disruption causing issues in Kenya and Egypt.

  • Globes (an Israeli news outlet) reports generally the same information contained in the the above article, however, they immediately attribute it to the Houthi rebels. In the closing paragraph, they state:

Senior executives at international communications and underwater cable companies have posted reports about the damage on LinkedIn and X.

  • On Febuary 25, before the Globes article was posted, person called Sunil Tegare posted on X (prev. Twitter) the following:

3 submarine cables cut in the Red Sea between Jeddah and Djibouti. AAE-1, EIG and SEACOM/TGN-Eurasia are down. Note: Authorities looking at potential terror link.

Then subsequently:

Confirmed: Submarine cables cut by Houthis in Yemen waters.

I am assuming Globe’s source is this person. Note also that there is almost no mainstream coverage of this incident.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the likelihood of this? Or any thoughts in general. Tegare appears to be legitimate, but his information is not sourced, nor has it been verified.

Could be the same people who cut the russian gas pipeline :wink:


Why would they cut subsea cables that connect their own infrastructure? Also, what’s the gain by cutting them anyways? If they wanted to tap in and monitor coms or transactions they wouldn’t straight up cut it. There was a Chinese vessel a few years ago allegedly doing a similar operation off of Hawaii.

Why would the CIA do this?!?!?!

I heard something a few days (maybe weeks) ago about them threatening to do just that. It doesn’t make sense why they would think that would be an effective threat or why anyone would care.

“Thank You USA” -who said that on twotter/X ?

If you are a Islamic terrorist pseudo-state that wants to throw society back into 9th century I would think cutting off contact with the modern world would be at the top of the list. When the Nazis conquered much of Europe possession of radios became a crime. You can’t cut off radios waves but it’s easy to cut a cable.


Feel bad for those poor bastards on the SUBCOM ships, I’m sure they’ll be contracted to go and repair them and they’re already under paid :sweat_smile:

Hopefully we won’t have to. We laid 3 out of the 4 cables cut. I don;t think marine insurance would let us even go over there right now. It’s bad enough we are heading towards that part of the world right now anyway.

That’s why I figured you’d be the ones out to repair! If somehow you get sent that way I hope you guys bargain for a huge bonus. Maybe some free wifi instead of the bullshit we had to pay for

A huge bonus? that would be the day.

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But what are these cables? Who put them there? How important are they?
Here’s everything you need to know about the world of undersea cables.:

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Anchor drag from the Rubymar they say now

Sounds plausible


This happens a ton more than you think. I have repaired several cables who were broken by a dragged anchor or even an anchor dropping on them.