Stop making so much profit

Or at least shear some with meeee!!!

He is really a piece of work that guy…

Meanwhile, Gustavo Montezano, CEO of BNDES, Brazil’s government development bank, said last week, “We as a society and the political class are realizing there is no direct economic benefit of having a state-owned oil producer. It just generates political noise since we’re blamed when oil goes up.” However, he added, the government has not notified BNDES to start the process to sell off the state-controlled asset.

Norway’s $1.4 trillion wealth fund suggests otherwise. Statoil/Equinor shows what the benefits are if something state owned is done properly.

A lot of noise against state owned companies comes from rich people lobbying against it with false accusations of communism etc. The rich people want the profits going to their bank account in a tax haven rather than going to the government.


The problem is there are no politicians who can be trusted. The American system of campaign financing is by definition a criminal enterprise, it is legalized bribery. That is why we are rapidly on the road to an oligarchy.


On the road? It’s been a oligarchy for a long time.

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