Petrobras Spills More Oil into Santos Basin

[LEFT]RIO DE JANEIRO (Dow Jones) - Brazilian oil and gas producer Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PBR, PETR4.BR), or Petrobras, said Friday That around 70 liters of oily water spilled into the Santos Basin in the Atlantic Ocean from Feb. 18 an oil platform Contracted Out to the company.The spill, which was communicated to the relevant authorities and Petrobras by Modec, the operator of the FPSO Cidade de Santos rig ship, was considered small and cleared up the same day leaving no traces, a Petrobras press spokeswoman said.Petrobras contained and cleared up the spill using two boats and an airplane, the spokeswoman said.Modec is investigating the causes of the incident, which occurred after a maintenance stop at the rig ship, which is based at the Urugua post-salt oil field, Petrobras said in a statement.Petrobras is continuing to investigate a more serious oil spill in Santos Basin which occurred Feb. 13, the spokeswoman said.[I]–By Diana Kinch, Dow Jones Newswires[/I][/LEFT]

70 liters? That much oil goes out with the black water on rigs in the Gulf of Mexico every Saturday after “seafood Fridays”.

And yet they don’t say anything about all the “traces” floating around in the Bacia de Campos area do they? Sure is a good bit of it!

Haha yea the “traces” floating around Campos Basin…I’ve got pictures of massive slicks from that area. It didn’t seem like it came from the FPSO we were attached to, but it was definitely coming from somewhere!

Just wait till China gets cranked up drilling off of Florida!!!