STCW Question

3 meters?
You are afraid to jump into a pool from 3 meters?
Thats like only 2-3 ft higher than your head when standing up.
You got to be kidding me?
I know your joking right?

Maybe you should consider testosterone replacement therapy.

<table width=“95%” align=“center” border=“0” cellpadding=“0” cellspacing=“0”><tbody><tr><td valign=“top” width=“60%” align=“left”>A Guide to Low Testosterone Treatment
By Dan Ho
[B]Dan Ho[/B]

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</td></tr></tbody></table> <!-- google_ad_section_start --> Long ago men and women who suffered from low testosterone had to just live with their condition.

But no longer.
With advances in modern medicine, there are many low testosterone treatments on the market and one may be right for you if you are indeed diagnosed with a low testosterone count.
Without treatment, low testosterone can have many unpleasant symptoms, ranging from: fatigue, depression, changes in body composition (muscle atrophies and fat increases), lack of libido, increased risk of heart attacks, [B]fear of heights, general wimpiness[/B] and even more.
The following are some of the most common testosterone replacement therapies:
[B]Testosterone Low Treatment[/B]
Testosterone Injections: just as their name implies, the testosterone hormone is delivered via a needle and injected right into a muscle on advice of your doctor. Most doctors will then train you to inject yourself so you can do it in the privacy of your own home.
The pros of the injection: highly effective method of delivery and very cost effective,.
The cons: painful. Can create highs and lows as you get a surge of testosterone which then can fall quite a bit before your next injection
Testosterone Pellets: these are little pellets that are placed under the skin and then release testosterone into the body.
The pros of pellets: they dissolve evenly, releasing testosterone consistently without the highs and lows of injections.
The cons: an incision has to be made, under which the pellets are placed.
Testosterone Cream: just as it says, you can rub this on certain parts of your body and have more testosterone.
The pros: easy to use, can be effective, and not painful nor do any incisions need to be made
The cons: you can transfer testosterone accidently to other people via skin to skin contact.
Testosterone Gels: Very similar to the pros and cons of testosterone cream.
[B]Low Testosterone Treatments[/B]
Some people want a low testosterone treatment that isn’t a prescription drug.
For these people, boosting their testosterone using natural means is the way to go.
Although these methods won’t be as effective as introducing testosterone right into your body, they have the advantage of being much safer and without nearly the same degree of potential side effects because they help the body to naturally make its own testosterone.
For example, you can eat certain kinds of food that will help your body increase testosterone production.
You can also take certain herbs that indirectly assist the body in manufacturing more testosterone.
For people who don’t suffer from a serious testosterone deficiency – such as people who are slowing down a bit simply because of the aging process – these dietary and herbal measures may be the route to go instead of more extreme testosterone replacement therapies.
In any case, talk to your doctor about testosterone low treatment to see which method would be best for you.

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16 week program from GMATS/USMMA developed to prepare us to be deck officers on NOAA vessels. [/quote]

You mean I could have learned everything in 16 weeks? What the hell did I spend 4 years for. Dammit!

To become a well rounded individual…

Not worth your salt if you can’t work aloft.

Stay ashore and keep your would-be shipmates safe.

3 meters? What are you going to do when the ship is SINKING - and you have to jump off?? Personally, if I’m standing behind you on the ship and you won’t jump, I’m just going to throw your ass over the side - you’re wearing a gumby suit, you’ll live. I don’t know - can you have somebody climb up the 3m board with you and push you off the end?

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3 meters? What are you going to do when the ship is SINKING

[B]Wait till it has one meter to go before it sinks, then jump…???[/B]

Salty old saying… God hates a Coward!

Not to preach but during the storm when Jesus was out fishing, they only started sinking when they were afraid.

A timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterwards. Jean Paul Richter