Starting over

I am 42, and having to start a new career. Obummer’s war on coal has put another working man out of work. I’ll be relocating from Wyoming to Texas shortly and very interested in a maritime career. I have done some internet searches, how I found this place, and I find that this business is difficult to get into. Thought I would pose a few questions to the masses and see how it goes…

  1. If I go through all of these licensing requirements, is there work?
  2. Being completely unfamiliar with the process, would a consultant, approx $1500, be worth the investment?
  3. Being brand new to the industry, what is a good goal, ie able body/deck/etc, to set for my self for starting out?
  4. Please pass along and pitfalls you encountered during your process, so I might side step them.

There isn’t much work right now, shipping sucks when the economy goes to hell. You might be able to get an OS job on an Inland push boat. Marquette transportation, Ingram tug and barge, or Kirby are done good possibilities.