Sponsored Cadet Shipping Position with Nautical Degree


I saw this on facebook and thought I’d repost it in case any of our UK based members where interested. Why don’t any U.S. based companies offer anything like this?

Dear [PYNDA] Members,

We are Paccship (UK) Limited, a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Carriers Limited, Singapore and part
of the Kuok Group. Paccship (UK) was established in 2002 as a UK
Tonnage Tax company. Currently, we own and manage fourteen vessels,
comprising of feeder container ships, post-Panamax bulk carriers and
multi-purpose vessels, all of which are trading world-wide.

have vacancies for up to eight Merchant Navy cadetships per year and we
have a strong preference for older and more-highly qualified
individuals who would be capable of pursuing sponsored,
undergraduate-level courses and training.

Currently, we have
four cadets under training at the University of Plymouth and we are
keen to increase this number, if possible.

If there are any
PYNDA members who know of any candidates who might be interested in a
sponsored Merchant Navy cadetship, we would be pleased to hear from
them. They can contact the undersigned directly or alternatively,
through our Cadet Training providers, The Ship Safe Training Group
(SSTG) www.sstg.org - for further information.

Capt. John Dolan MSc


Paccship (UK) Limited

19 Buckingham Gate - 4th floor,



Ship Safe Training Group Ltd ,

135 High Street.


Kent, ME1 1EW.

Telephone 01634 820 820

Fax 01634 820 821

E-mail: info@sstg.org



Better question:

Why don’t American companies give you the basic 13 weeks off to get the chief mate training classes completed?


Because they are heartless Assholes!



Because US shipping companies can go to career fairs at the 6 maritime academies and take their pick of new third mates who have already paid for their schooling. (Or have had their schooling paid for).