Solas/reflective tape

My vessel has gotten all new immersion suits around 500 and I was wondering how much SOLAS tape needs to be on each one and where. I didn’t see anything specific in 46 CFR § 199.70 - Personal lifesaving appliances.

The new immersion Suit came with tape on the legs, shoulder area and lower back. Idk it just looks weird to me. If you could help me that would be great.


From the Q-spec (46 CFR 160.171)

(n) Retroreflective material. Each immersion suit must be fitted with Type I retroreflective material that meets subpart 164.018 of this chapter. When the wearer of an immersion suit is in any stable floating position, at least 200 cm^2 (31 sq. in.) of the material must be visible above water.

Thanks. Works for me.