Socialized Welfare


I had reconstructive ear surgery… $29k bill but after the insurance discount, my insurance company paid $2300… they need to knock down the fluff!


I also wonder what the rise of the urgent care center has done for the medical community…


If the government is going to start to pay to fix you then the government is going to have to start telling you what to eat and thats advice the US population seriously needs.


Granted, but I doubt they would succeed. NYC mayor Bloomberg’s tried to impose a slurpee ban 3 years ago but hit a wall when the state court of appeal ruled the city exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority. Any attempt to ban cigarettes would be stopped dead in its track by the tobacco lobby.

We have subsidized healthcare paid for by men and women who work for a living and pay taxes. Hospital emergency rooms now serve as refuge of last resort for those in poor health who can’t pay for regular healthcare. By the time they show up in emergency their condition has deteriorated through lack of care to a point where it has become a genuine emergency.
Why are we trying to reinvent the wheel? If the European model is less of a burden on the middle class because of lower overall costs, we should bite the bullet and cover everyone.