SIU relief jobs - do you get stuck?

I’ve been a 100 ton Master on a passenger ferry for many years and now thinking about joining SIU. I’ve spent the money to get AB unlimited, VPDSD, BST, PSC, RFPNW. My question is this - if I took a 60 day relief job, for example, how likely am I to get held over? I’m trying to work opposite my daughter’s dad who is on a solid 60/60 rotation. A week or two or even three overlap wouldn’t be the end of the world but wondering if I could end up at 120 and not be able to do anything about it. Would like to eventually work consistently for one company like Crowley possibly, but for the next three years until my daughter graduates I’m thinking the union will give me flexibility with working around her dad’s schedule. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Most likely yes bc there is a shortage of mariners especially ABs but it depends on which ship/ route. Government ships and tramping overseas vessels yes.
My recommendation would to be to get on a vessel with a set route or a coastwise ship, that way you can quit in a US port. I don’t know if your vacation is affected if you quit after 60 days but I am pretty sure SIU guys have to do at least 60 to get a vacation check.

You’d be better off getting on with a tug or OSV company. If you want the SIU they do have some tug contracts.

SIU has contracts with multiple divisions of Crowley that have short rotations that are pretty much set in stone. I’m not sure if any of them are 60/60 though.

To answer your exact question, probably not very likely but pay attention to the specifics of the job.

If it’s a job that no one wants and they are begging people to take, then yes you will get stuck.

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Can’t take a crewmember foreign if they want to get off. For a ship in U.S. the SIU Dry cargo ship contract that I’m familiar with requires 72 hr notice for pay-off. They have to be paid off whether there’s a relief available or not.