Sincerity Ace under tow by tug Koyo Maru

Vehicles carrier under tow to Japan - Vessel Tracker. com

Wed Jan 09 18:05:37 CET 2019

On Jan 9 the at 2 a.m. “Sincerity Ace” was taken in tow by the tug “Koyo Maru” (IMO: 9162148), in position 24 43 N 171 10 E, 1720 miles off Japan in the North Pacific. The heavily damaged car carrier was to be towed to Japan. Before, the tug looked around for the one still missing crew member. Of the 20 other men, 16 were rescued and four died.

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Any further news of the whereabouts of Sincerity Ace?

I’m not actively following the story and I haven’t come across in news.

No worries thank you for the reply it is appreciated.

Someone is tracking the tug on Twitter:


Cheers for the heads up Seadog much appreciated :slight_smile:

The Koyo Maru has entered Shibushi Bay. According to the guy’s twitter feed there is another tug involved as well, the Hayashio Maru.

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Thanks for the post Sea Dog…

Tradewinds reports the Sincerity Ace will be towed to South Korea (Mokpo?) for possible repair.

From a tweet by YUKI TAKAKA on Feb 8th.

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2021 Update edit:
Just to close out the fate of the Sincerity Ace. After sitting in Korea for 2 years she was sold for scrap in April. I guess it took that long for the legal process to resolve the various claims. She was arrived in Chittagong June 4th, 2021 and beached on the 25th.