Should The US Navy Protect Cargo Ships In The Black Sea?

The US Navy will not be sending warships to this year’s annual Sea Breeze 2022 naval exercise in the Black Sea. People, land and air-based assets will take their place in the show of solidarity and strength with Romania and other NATO nations in the region. This move has drawn criticism from some who feel that a larger naval presence is necessary to check Russian aggression and protect commercial shipping in the Black Sea.

What are your thoughts? Should the US Navy stay away or pressure Turkey into ending its diplomatic blockade of NATO warships?

NATO is doing its things there and the US will be involved, just not warships. No need to poke the Bear more than we already are.


Only if they fly the Stars and Stripes on their sterns.

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Ensuring freedom of navigation is a stated function of the U.S. Navy


Just curious, whom you called “the Bear”? Kremlin’s nutcase?

Russian Bear - Wikipedia.

Yep, that’s him, Kremlin’s nutcase.