Looking for a little adventure?

This is definitely how wars start. I get his point that the potential for famine in some parts of the world could be a justification for doing this but man it’s definitely a roll of the dice.

Would anybody willing to sign on to one of these reflagged bulkers?


If the price is right, I’d make a trip.


Double pay in a war zone, if the OT is right, I’m in.

Matson you listening?

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I may go in empty but doubtful I’d want to exit loaded!!

NATO Mineclearing
A second challenge will be clearing mines, because both the Ukrainians and Russians have used them to try and control the seas along the Ukrainian coast.

Clearing mines is a hostile act both legally and in practice. It’s the equivalent of “clearing” radar stations so planes can fly overhead or “clearing” walls so others may pass. The good Admiral must know this would be provocation and escalation which makes me question this call-to-service.

Turks have to open the Bosporus first, which is doubtful, and the Russians, whom have already stated this was a non starter would have to allow it. It’s curious that this idea is getting louder as the situation in the Donbas deteriorates.

I think it’s related to the fact that potentially 3 years worth of harvest could be affected (last year’s crop in the storage bins now, this year’s crop whose harvest and availability of storage is in doubt, and next year’s crop whose projected planting is in doubt) and the worldwide food crisis that would cause. This article talks about all that:

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From the article :

“Last month, Russia’s military said Moscow aimed to take control of Ukraine’s entire Black Sea coast from Donbas through to neighboring Moldova’s separatist Transnistria region. That would devastate Ukraine’s economy, although Russia currently lacks the military ability to do so quickly.

But Moscow’s forces are inching forward in the Donbas, while the Kremlin fast tracks Russian citizenship for areas it controls – including the key grain-producing regions around Melitopol and Kherson, the latter a major rail hub for the still government-controlled Odesa.”

Russia is gaining in the Donbas and Ukraine can’t seem to expel them from Kherson (it’s about 150 miles from Kherson to Odessa). Establishing a “convoy” system to Odessa would would allow NATO to grab a toe hold there and block a Russian advance under the auspices of a humanitarian mission and the Russians won’t allow it. Regardless, Turkey, who has closed the Bosporous is currently conducting military operations in Northern Syria in spaces adjacent to Russian forces so I’m pretty sure they are going to leave the Straights closed.