Ship's code card form WS TA B-O-7

hi folks, doing some license study and seeking to obtain as many of the “materials allowed in the examination room” as possible. (US license)

Can anyone tell me what the “ship’s code card form WS TA B-O-7” is? can’t seem to find it at the online nautical bookstores.


Not for sale - NOAA supplies them to the ship at no cost. It’s related to the paper form used on ships to code the synoptic weather. NWS Observing Handbook No. 1 has instructions to fill out the form and it’s available on-line.

Within NOAA there are two different means to take and record marine observations: 1. WS Form B-81 SHIP’S WEATHER OBSERVATIONS Paper form 2. AMVER/SEAS Software

Not sure but I think it’s the card used as a cheat sheet to fill out B-81

Seems like you are putting the cart before the horse, source for the answers before you know the questions.

You don’t need to waste any time on that. You may get one or two questions on that stuff in an exam module where you only need 70% to pass. Just guess quickly and move on.

It’s much better to invest your study time in the 90% modules like Rules of the Road, T-Nav and Celestial.

Here is what the NWS lists as supplies.

  • NWS Observing Handbook No. 1, Marine Surface Weather Observations
  • Ship’s Code Card
  • Ship’s Weather Observations, NOAA Form B-81
  • Weather Report for Immediate Radio Transmission, WS Form B-80
  • Cloud Identification Chart (poster)
  • Sea State-Wind Speed Chart (poster)

Form B-81 is the paper form used to record the observations. Form B-80 was to give the radio operator back in the day.

The card has to be that big card with all the info to code/decode. Using the card is quicker but everything that is on that card can be found in the Observing Handbook No 1 which is available on-line. The Handbook is not needed just to code the observations

We switched to AMVER/SEAS software and don’t use the paper form anymore but they are still on board.