Ships can deliver desalinated water to parched ports

Yes that is right.
In this case; if the port don’t want the water you offer, pump it overboard and start making new for the next port.

If they can’t put it into the city supply until the analysis is done, do it the Singapore way;

No really although oz does have more stored water than it knows what to do with in one part of the country and short elsewhere.
Just got to build a pipe

I dont think Singapore is ever going to be self supplied with water without massive energy intensive de salination

Yes either that, or move people who are “trying to sustain life where it shouldn’t be”.

Like California raising watermelons in the desert and Arizona planting thousands of acres of nut orchards. Absolutely insane but profit beats reason every day.

I was talking about using the water received from ships for industrial purposes, just like much of the “recirculated” water in Singapore.
Alternatively; pump it to a reservoir where it gets mixed with raw water and goes through a treatment plant before being distributed to the public. (which is done with some of it)

BTW; Water made by using waste heat,(evaporation) is too “pure and tasteless” to be used directly as drinking water. Additives are needed:

PS> Water produced by reversed osmosis has another problem as well; bacteria.
Since it has not been heated it needs to go through an infrared filter to be safe for drinking

I remember porting in Pago Pago during the "rainy season. Cloudy and drizzly the four days we were there. On the return trip from Antarctica, it was the “dry season” and there was talk of using our evaporators to make them some fresh water.

May be You should consider teaching them how ta catch and collect rain water for dry times??


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