Ships at Rest - Photo Essay

<strong>Some photos of ships at peace on a clam sea.</strong>

Click on each image for the maritime photographer’s information.

[[img]" border=“0” alt=“Ship Resting in Calm Water - S/S Empire State” width=“500” height=“326” />

The S/S Empire State resting on a calm day at sea. (Photo by [URL=" title="Maritime Photographer]gCaptain).

[URL=" title=“Ships passing on a calm night][img]” border=“0” alt=“Ships meeting on a calm night” />

Ships underway in the calm blue of the sea. (by <strong>[URL=" title="Link to doctony’s photos]<strong>doctony</strong></strong>)

[URL=" title=“Ship that’s seen better times][img]” border=“0” alt=“Ship Has Seen Better Times” width=“500” />

A ship at rest and man walking by in Freeport - Monrovia, Liberia (By Robert Lawson)

[URL=" target="_blank" title=“Ferries at Sunset][img]” border=“0” alt=“Ferries at sunset” width=“500” />

Ferries at work on a calm day - from [URL=" title=“JPG Magazine]JPG Magazine. (by [URL=” title="Robin van Robokow]Robin van Robokow)

[img]" border=“0” alt=“Imperial Yacht” width=“500” />

An “Old Fashion” ship enjoying an evening at sea. (by [URL=" title="Olivier Allain]Olivier Allain)

[URL=" title=“A Calm Day in an Industrial Port][img]” border=“0” alt=“A calm day in an industrial town.” width=“500” />

A calm day in an industrial port. (by [URL=" title="Paolo Pizzimenti]Paolo Pizzimenti)

Most of these photos I found at [URL=" title=“JPG Magazine]JPG Magazine](” title="Ship resting in a Calm Sea - S/S Empire State) which is a publication comprised of photos submitted via their website. They have a couple ship stories too.