Ship pictures?

Dare I show some pictures?

This is the Swedish Board of Maritimes Pilot cutter no 748.

The vessels I absolutely admire are the Swedish rescue vessels from the 60’s and 70’s. A bunch have been listed at Djurgårdsvarvet over the past few years and each time a new one come up for sale I try to think how could I ever get one to the US to be the most awesome expedition yacht imaginable? Just too far away to justify buying one I am afraid :frowning:

If you have pics of any of those please put them up so others can see what I mean. Truly amazingly seaworthy little ships than any real mariner would dream of owning.

How do I enlage this to make it fit or how do I upload it to fit?

guinness tanker

I was cracking up at your “post” because I didn’t see any photos, just the question. :rolleyes: :smiley:

I have to figure out the trick also, some pics I copied and pasted and they worked fine, and some are/were a pain to upload so I just skipped it.