Ship or tackle fragment

Hello. I came across this piece in a relative’s belongings. Salvaged from a beach in eastern Canada I believe. Can anyone indentify it? Thanks.

The top of the item could have been the wasted handle of a serving maul used for rope work.

Thanks for that. That’s a new term for me. I’ll see where it leads.

That is the remains of a SERVING MALLET use to serve tarred hemp twine around standing wire rigging. The handle was much longer.

Standing wire rigging is: Wormed, parceled, and served for preservation.

Wormed: tarred hemp twine between the wire strands

Parceled: canvas strips wrapped around the wire.

Served: tarred twine wrapped over the parceling.

Many thanks for this information. Is it too small a piece to estimate age or origin?

I have no idea as to age.

From my old USCG Manual…

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I recognized that page immediately, and probably havent had that book out in 30 years.

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