Ship breaking made easy

Ship breaking in 42 sec. time laps:

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Considering that many people are suspicious about the regulatory compliance of the Asian shipbreakers, perhaps every scrapping operation should be recorded in a similar way. It would be a cheap way to increase the transparency of the disposal operation and we would get nice footage of the hulks being chopped up.

Here is another video of “green” recycling - the footage from 4:48 onwards looks pretty violent, but then again why not? The deckhouse sections crash within the ship from where it’s easier to cut them up for lifting.


I knew the SeaLand Charger…A little hard watching her get cut up but they all end up that way.

I guess there is such a thing as a good death, though. I wonder what the cost difference is between doing it right in Alang and doing it traditionally in Alang.

Racer class?

Yes, the Charger’s sisters were the Champion, Lightning, and Racer. I think there may be another but the name escapes me. They were built 1996-97.

Is EU rules for ship breaking actually protectionism?: