Setting Market-Standard Rates for Vessel Inspections

Hello fellow vessel inspectors,

I’m in the process of reviewing and setting my rates for various types of maritime surveys, inspections, and Mobilisation/Demobilisation (Mob/Demob) offshore services. I’d really appreciate some guidance or insights on how to determine rates that align with the current market standards. Specifically, I’m looking at the following:

Vessel Types:

  • Heavy Lift Vessel (sheerleg, monohull or other)
  • Jack Up Vessel
  • Cable installation/burial vessel
  • Transportation Barge
  • Tug Boat (above 500GT)
  • CTV
  • PSV/OSV (e.g. support vessels, DP vessels, walk to work, small self elevating platform)
  • Vessel below 500GT (e.g. harbour assist tug boat, guard vessel, support vessel etc)

Mob / Demob Offshore (LS): I’m also keen to understand the Lump Sum (LS) charges for Mobilisation/Demobilisation offshore, covering all related expenses. Any insights into the standard rates or factors to consider would be extremely helpful.

If anyone has recently updated their rates or has knowledge about the prevailing rates in the market, I would be immensely grateful for your insights or any relevant resources you might be willing to share.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance!

Best regards,

Maciej Brzezinski