Seatime "Half Days" no longer credited

Good morning/evening all. Just wanted to put it out there since I couldn’t find any other discussion about it. After talking with my CG Evaluator; Half Days on a seatime letter are no longer credited AT ALL. I’m not sure if this is a case by case scenario with evaluators. Has anyone had a similar issue? My letter states I work 12 hour days and in the past the half days could be added together.

Depends on the coi and what you’re doing…

That’s a very broad statement that I’m not sure means what you intended it to.

On what kind of vessel?

Please give an example of what you’re talking about.


The seatime in question is all on a Towing vessel 200T. any section of my seatime letter that has a “.5” is not being counted. In the past these could be added together to account for a full 12 hour day.

So your half dozen seatime letters say something like 62.5 days each? They are refusing to give you credit for 6 x .5 = 3 days?

So what? Who cares?

Apparently, the company generates its letters from the payroll, and it’s a cheapskate company that doesn’t pay for a full day on crew change day. That is worth being upset about.


No, the half days come from the 1.5 day calculation of the 12 hour days.

Are you that close that missing ~3 days makes you under the limit you were going for? If the days they’re cutting push you under the limit then apply for reconsideration.

Never even heard of getting credit for 1/2 days and adding them up to make a “day”. 12hr days yes, if the vessel was authorized for it. Lots of drillship guys found out that 12hr days didn’t count for more than a normal 8hr day back in 2017 when i was there. They were MODU’s and day and a half didn’t get counted.

Most companies I was familiar with just put xx “days”, and specify that a two-watch system is authorized per COI, and that you should be credited at 1.5x the “xx” days. The CG does the math. I guess if it doesn’t come to a whole number, they round down? I doubt that half-day credit is going to make a difference in the big licensing scheme.

What specifically does your sea service letter say?

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My company does the same. I was approved to upgrade based off that exact wording and we do 1.5 days. So no problem on my end

Probably because you are in a tug. I’m on an OSV and have submitted 12 hours day(1.5) with no issues since 2012.

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Why do you think there would be a difference?

46 CFR § 10.232 - Sea service.

(h) Day.
(2) On [vessels] authorized by [46 U.S.C. 8104]) and [46 CFR 15.705], to operate a two-watch system, a 12-hour working [day] may be creditable as 1 1/2 [days] of service.

So problably that tug is not authorized.

I’m not aware of any tugs that aren’t.

(h) Day.

(1) Except as noted otherwise, for the purpose of calculating service in this subchapter, a [day] is equal to 8 hours of watchstanding or [day] working not to include overtime.

Found what you wanted, and stopped looking? I’m sure you weren’t intentionally excluding the part that doesn’t support your assertion. Maybe go back to that reg and read the next sub-paragraph.

A lot of you seem to have come here just to argue. I am simply informing everyone that I was told by my evaluator “Gezette” (Sorry if not spelled correctly) That any “.5” on a sea time letter willl not be credited. My Seatime is generated from payroll and thus has a “.5” on my coming and going days. Yes they are 12 Hour days authorized under the two-watch system and in the past since 2012 I was always credited those days by adding them together. I am aware most companies simply put a total amount, but some don’t. Thankfully my company was able to correct my letter to give me full days going back 5 years. This gave me over 80 days of seatime which is pretty substantial. If you don’t have anything to actually discuss or related experiences, please refrain from wasting our time in this thread.

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You’re new to the internet, aren’t you?


Did evaluator make you get a new sea time letter ir was this you recouping from the .5? Just looked at mine and company listed 82.75 days on one boat.

Im willing to lose the .75 if need be. Whole letter is over 300 days. I believe whats happened is that boat I worked in Cali which required hrs for pay, not days.

Thanks for clarifying, my company did the same thing to me a while back. I tried to explain to my company that when we crew change, I work a watch and that those two .5 days should count as a full days worked ie 12hrs but I gave up and waited an extra hitch to have the appropriate seatime…

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