SEAiq Pilot

Nowadays there are a large number of navigational software, however, what would happen if we propose to endeavour to develop a software built up specifically based on the professionals (users) requirements, and we add on top of that, the virtues of portability, light weight, user friendliness of the iPad, plus the developer is a Software Engineer who also has a PhD in Computer Science? This is the perfect combination in which SEAiq Pilot has been created/developed. The author Mr. Mark Hayden, besides his knowledge in computers and software, is also a passionate sailor. The difference between the SEAiq Pilot app towards others, is the fact that Mr. Hayden, because of his sailing activities, understand exactly how the majority of Pilots works with this programs. They are only a complement, nothing about them should infer that they are essential for the development of Pilotage.

there’s nobody here who is going to buy this from you so why do you keep pitching it?

Hi, there’s no intention to “sell” anything at all in my comment. It was just the intention to let others colleagues know about it, because (as you should know) this is a Maritime technology forum. Beside that I want to let you know that in the LAST gCaptain Podcast, one of the topics was THIS VERY app, I heard it and I felt it will be nice to add more info related to it.

Why is your app better than the Transas one?

Hi!, SEAiq Pilot is not mine, Mr. Mark Hayden is the creator and developer.
There are really great features that I can not find on other apps like:

I can use my own vector charts or download others from Chartworld.

I can record all the information that came from the AIS Pilot Plug, store them into the app, share it by e-mail etc.

I can monitor not one but several “meeting points” at the same time, "meetings points " with vessels larger than xxxx mts. will be showed in different colours.

I can set up “passing restrictions” and speed limits along a route. Visual and voice alarms will trigged.

I can share AIS target data with other app user with almost zero set -up (3G/4G network required)

I can be “virtually on board” at any AIS target.

Route Traffic Page shows AIS Targets, Meetings Points, ETAS to wp. In a single list. No need to switch between pages, all the info that we want in one place.

There are tons of awesome features that make SEAiq Pilot a great piece of software.

But the greatest is that Mr. Hayden is a very open mind person. He always listen our suggestions and always find a better way to make them a reality.