Sea Turtle Week

Just some basics for sea turtle week. Short video 2:49 min - worth a look.


National Geographic


[U][B]What do sea turtles eat?[/B][/U]

Before feeding a turtle, you must first determine the type and age of the turtle. The natural habitat of the turtle will tell you what type of food to feed it and what kind of conditions in which it will thrive. What do turtles eat? Most turtles are carnivores, or meat eaters, while young and eventually grow to become omnivores, or meat and plant eaters.

The ideal diet for most adult turtles are protein, including cooked meat, insects, and cooked eggs, and leafy vegetables. Many turtles also like fruit and even flowers. Never feed a turtle dairy products, as their stomach cannot properly digest lactose. Also steer clear of giving turtles processed foods. Whole, dairy free foods are best. If you know for certain the specific type of turtle, feeding it becomes much easier.

Sea turtle week!?! WTF…you a NOAA Corps officer?

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