Sea Time equivalency

Is there a list of which schools/trainings can count for sea time and what would be the ratio of sea to class/simulator time?:confused:

Take a look at this:

It may answer your questions.


The NMC web site does list the sea days credited for various approved courses. I can’t find a list just in that format which would make it easier to find.

The more I get involved with this whole thing,I’m convinced that it is done this way, by design…

Exactly. I deliberately made the list confusing. As I’ve said before, we sit around all day thinking of ways to make things hard for you. Maybe I should remove all the lists of specific courses and just let you wade through the phone-book like list of almost 2,500 courses.

After a little more thought, I’m not sure a list of the courses is going to help. Maybe if you told me what license you have now and what you’ll be applying for I can narrow it down. Also, there are approved “programs” that include all the training and subsitute for some of the training and provide the rest fopr specific licenses, and there are short, discrete courses that give a few days of sea time. But as I mentioned, the courses giving small amounts of sea time almost all specify the time awarded can only be used for licenses not more than 200 GRT, inland or rivers licenses, or from 3rd Mate N/C or Oceans to 2nd Mate. So they may not be of any use to you. The days of taking a 1-week course on a simulator and getting 30 days of sea time towards any license are mostly over.

Let me know a little more about what you’re looking for and I’ll try to give more specific information.

Mr Cavo, I certainly meant no disrespect.Especially to you…I have been researching several things at the same time…Mostly STCW stuff…I 'm just a little frustrated…

No problem, I’m a little defensive as I recognize it can be better. One of the things we’re looking at is developing a searchable database based on type of course, location, etc. We can’t do it with our current database, and things like the medical process deserve and are getting higher priority than developing a new database for courses. In the meantime, if you want something more specific you can ask here or directly, that’s why I sign with my e-mail address.

That explains your posting on Federal Holidays! You are so busy complicating things you have to work overtime. :slight_smile:

Actually I appreciate all the work and files available at NMC. They do make things much easier to find.

JD, you seem to be a pretty put-together type. It must be tough for you to be caught up in such a huge clusterfuck. Especially when you (meaning NMC) went into this with good intentions. Reality bites. My sympathies, and my appreciation for the work you’re doing to make things better.

You’re allowed to vent, we all do from time to time. I just hope it doesn’t get you into another counseling session at work.

I’m sure I’ll have more, If I don’t cross the line now and then, I’m not trying hard enough. John (owner/admin here) bought me some bonus points with his good words, so I should be OK for a little bit.

Reminds me of the tugboat captain I knew who’s boss said he “wasn’t being aggressive enough” because he never damaged any of the equipment. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

When I originally asked the question I was thinking about taking 5 day BST again and maybe 5 day tankerman and some of the CM/Master courses and RADAR refresher. My license needs to be renewed in Sep09 and I may be shy a few days of the 360 needed in the last 5 years. I’m semi-retired and have only been working part-time.