Sea stories - funny!

Years ago when I was involved with shipping on the west coast, I had (have) a friend and colleague who was like the ‘commodore chief’ while he was sailing. Few years older than me and a graduate from USMMA (Kings Point). Very smart engineer and the first to transition from steam to motor vessels. Always appointed as the first chief on any newbuild. He was telling us a story about a delivery in Japan on the first of 3 ships that the company had chartered in the mid 80s. As one can imagine plenty of dock trials and finally the sea trials before heading out on the maiden voyage.
One day his counterpart from the yard, says ‘Chief – can I ask you a question? Why do you Americans always say ‘let’s light off’ when you order the engineers to start the generators and the plant …. Should it not be ‘let’s light ON’ :slight_smile:

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Mid 80s. I was 1st Asst on product tanker and coming into New York. Just about when we get the call for stby around 4 am or so, we get a high level alarm on the sewage holding tank. (Turned out the fire pump was on and the flushing valves were leaking). No sewage plant. Arrangement was all sewage directed to the sewage tank and then overboard. SOP was to close the overboard for port stays. I had no choice but to open the overboard and empty the tank. Came on deck and still dark, so ran back down and opened the overboard and about 30 minutes later closed the overboard and came rushing out on deck. To my luck, the Pilot along with the mate were just coming into the accommodation! Guilty me, I blurted out ‘Morning! Jeez – what’s that smell?’ Pilot looks at me and says ‘Morning! Don’t worry about it - welcome to New York’! :slight_smile: