Sea Service for Upgrade to AB Unlimited

I am currently an AB Limited looking to upgrade to AB Unlimited. I’m doing this now because I need to renew soon anyway and saw that the requirement was dropped from 1080 to 540 sea days. I understand that the sea days need to be “upon oceans or the Great Lakes.”

I have three sea letters to submit. While one of them reads that the vessel operates “upon near coastal waters and oceans greater than 200 miles from shore,” the other two read that the vessel operates “upon INLAND, near coastal, and ocean waters.”

My understanding is that inland time does not qualify for this upgrade, however I have spent very little time in inland waters. The sea letters do not specify how much of my time is in fact inland. Does anyone have any idea if the evaluators would ding me on the way these sea letters are phrased?

I would just find out by putting an app in now, but I don’t really have the time to get stuck in an infinite loop of awaiting information letters before my documents expire if this could cause an issue.

Any help that anyone could provide is greatly appreciated.

I would hope you’ll be fine but I guess there’s no telling these days.

Just submit your upgrade and renewal application now and see.

You’re right, I should probably not waste any more time and just get an app in. Planning on submitting today and will hope for the best.