Schettino's Book

Oh Paaleease…

Schettino obviously has problems, I"d guess narcissic personality disorder. Some of the problems were complacency from being on the same easy run.

But with regards to his actions after the grounding; I wonder how many captains that have been fully responsible for wrecking their own ship have then had the wherewithal to direct a well run emergency operation in the aftermath? Be tough, ego depletion or something, people run out of steam.

Ego depletion refers to the idea that self-control or willpower draw upon a limited pool of mental resources that can be used up.[1] When the energy for mental activity is low, self-control is typically impaired, which would be considered a state of ego depletion. In particular, experiencing a state of ego depletion impairs the ability to control oneself later on. A depleting task requiring self-control can have a hindering effect on a subsequent self-control task, even if the tasks are seemingly unrelated. Self-control plays a valuable role in the functioning of the self on both individualistic and interpersonal levels.

In Schettino’s case and many other cases the maritime industry has a big problem with megalomaniacs in the position of Captain and Chief Engineer.

It seems that people who may have at some time in the past been relatively sane just get drunk with power and go completely insane.

The following applies to many people of high rank in the maritime industry:

"Power corrupts, and it seems like it corrupts the meek and good-natured quicker than everyone, given half a chance. When given even a slight hint of increased authority, before too long even the nicest person with a cheerful greeting and understanding ear for all will turn into a dictator, their ego completely out of control as a result of their new responsibilities and being given their chance to make a mark and implement all their good ideas. In the name of ‘efficiency’, they’llcreate countless petty and pedantic rules for all to follow — all of which will be staggeringly [I]in[/I]efficient, considering the place ran smoothly before without them and that their implementation only slows things down. And don’t even think of trying to circumvent them — the new boss will have developed a sadistic streak which will lead them into enthusiastically punishing even the slightest infraction of those rules in a fashion that is completely out of proportion to the offense. Some sort of ranking or points allocation system which is just designed to irritate their co-workers and stimulate inferiority complexes will probably be implemented. They’ll also plunge deep into full-blown paranoia, convinced that everyone is plotting against them. Even the character’s fashion sense will most likely be altered to emphasize their new workplace-fascist mindset. Everyone will be shocked by the drastic change in their friend, but any attempts to talk them down will be rebuked, and the person who tried to talk them down will usually be summarily fired.

They’ve become Drunk With Power.

It’s a Face-Heel Turn, but usually a very minor and temporary one; usually, the newly promoted tyrant’s conduct will result in either everyone being fired for breathing or quitting [I]en masse[/I] in protest, just in time for a fresh crisis that plunges the tyrant completely out of their depth, resulting in much humiliation as they either have to go crawling back to everyone they’ve just been bullying to meekly ask them to come back and help them fix things before the boss arrives, or for the boss to actually arrive (often unexpectedly early) only to see exactly what chaos has resulted in their absence.

Usually, after such a humbling and humiliating breakdown and the resulting reality check, the tyrant will be utterly appalled by and ashamed of their own conduct (“I don’t know what came over me!” being a frequent lament), but will soon be forgiven by all and will return to their usual good-natured selves, if a little bit humbler and wiser. If the promotion wasn’t temporary, they may even voluntarily relinquish it, having decided that they were becoming someone they didn’t like.

Often found in the Work Com. With Great Power Comes Great Insanity and A God Am I are this to the extreme. See Drunk on the Dark Side for the superpower equivalent. When it occurs due to elevated expectations and wedding-related stress, see Bridezilla. Compare Acquired Situational Narcissism, New Ability Addiction and Screw the Rules, I Have Money!. See Screw the Rules, I Make Them! for when someone tries to justify their actions even when their position[I]does not[/I] give them authority to do so."

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I agree. I have seen this a lot. I think companies should anticipate this and make more defined rules on what captains and chiefs can or cannot control. I have worked with great officers, and others who have God syndrome. It’s funnier to me when others that get a small license then act like they are King Kong.

It always seems like it’s the captains that want to write books though. I want to read a book that is written by a cook. You know that would be juicy! The cook always knows what’s going on on the ship.

Hey follow40, I know how to fix that problem. I just went through it a week ago… Call him out on his bullshit and when he tries to get you fired cause you did and your port capt comes to you and wants to have a meeting with HR, pull out your handy dandy Ipad and show what time all videos and pics of him sleeping, sitting in his room playing video games on tower and put his shit out there on the table to show why you went off on him cause he’s on a power trip… And like the gentleman said above, yes, it was a 100 ton capt… Go figure