Sauces at sea…who cares?

“Tell me what you eat and I shall tell you what you are.”

–Brillat Savarin






Um…people with taste buds who eat food?!?


may I ask…does anyone here care to actually comment on the topic of the thread instead of beating me with your wet noodles about my poopooing all this yakin about sauces?

COME ON PEOPLE…WHERE’S THE BEEF? (make that pan seared medallions of beef served with bearnaise and a lovely Chateau de Chaselet pinot noir)

actually I know the perfect accompaniment to serve with this forum

sticky and gooey and ever so sweet…


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There must be a place on the interwebs for a good sauce recipe.
I come to this forum for intelligent maritime discussion.

Then stay away from the scuttlebutt category. It’s impossible to filter everything for everyone.


Exactly. Even before the internet was the internet, and you had to get a letter from your government contract officer to get an account, there explicit off-topic discussion groups (including recipes) to reduce clutter and thread drift from the serious ones. Nobody then or now forced anybody to look at them, or encounter them while scanning a serious group.

Which is why c.captain’s complaining does not belong in this thread and should be moved by a moderator to scuttlebutt category, where it can be ignored by those who wish to limit their time here.




99.999% of mariners will never buy an old, refurbished 200kW Cummings NT300 generator. So what? If a mariner wants to put an ad/thread up to sell it, so be it. No one is complaining about a generator that they will never buy, who cares if it gets a thread or not? Not much beef in an old generator either.

But salmon is on the menu at my house tonight, it’s a Friday night surprise for my wife. I’m trying the sauce recipe.


I have to say I don’t care much about sauces at sea. But this Cooking at Sea guy seems like the kind of guy you’d want with you at sea. Seems like the kind of guy, if he came out on deck to help in a tight spot he’d make the right move.

I’m thinking maybe I should look into sauces.


what I want to know is where Ombugge is during all this? I mean we have yet to hear how sauces in Norway are ambrosia compared to American sauces or that he worked as a sous chef on a passenger steamer out of Batavia before the War with an all Lascar galley staff who spoke 60 odd languages but were the best ever at their jobs and vastly superior to lowly mata bulat kafirs


Actually he posted a recipe in the sauce thread by request

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Sauce? Whatever happened to good old shoyu and sesame oil? WIth a lil furikake on top? That’s all you need to make fish and steak taste ono.


Your worst nightmare has come true; I’M AWAKE!!!

You have been googling I see. So many foreign words and lyric phrases.

But you are right, I never mist a crew of all mata bulat kafirs in my sailing days. Even the unruliest of Lascars were less trouble than a bunch of complaining Mat Salleh that couldn’t hold their drink.

Well, we know who doesn’t … Melania mate of Cheeto.


yes, only an utterly obstuse empty headed animal food trough wiper would wear such a coat emblazoned with that message while going to supposedly show sympathy for the families torn apart when crossing the border.

I am shocked she didn’t wear a coat with the words “Let Them Eat Cake” on it


hunger is the best sauce of all

LOL, why not just put the crew on a glucose I V while they sleep and do away with the cook & galley. Would be interesting to see what a healthy crew would look like after 30 days.

Couldn’t help writing this after looking at notimetoexplain’s avatar.

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Maybe you just need a few more sea days? … maybe 4 or 5 thousand?